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Timeouts, timeouts: always wrong!
Some too short and some too long.

NEW: 813,000 Americans got emails today announcing their student loans have been forgiven, under programs rolled out by President Biden.

The Biden Administration has now forgiven $127 billion in loans — for 3.6 million Americans.

I'm trying to figure out why some older systems I have (bash 4.3.30) work a little differently to some with newer bash (5.1.8, say).

The difference is in what characters constitute a word boundary for the "(vi-)unix-word-rubout" readline function, which is what happens when you press Ctrl-W by default.

On newer systems, it does what I want: removes _up to the last path separator_. On older systems it removes the whole path, not stopping at "/" -- and then I punch the computer.


"Warp" looked like a decent terminal for use on my Mac, but it has 73 *million* dollars of *venture capital funding*. There's just no way it's possible for them to make a return on that investment on a *terminal app* that doesn't involve exploiting *me*, the user. No thanks.

So you’re telling me that arguably the most effective collective workers action in Silicon Valley history was in support of the billionaire CEO at OpenAI, a company founded to put people out of work

me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

Samuel Taylor Coleridge having just had an amazing dream, hurridly scribbling it all down, a creator in full flow when,

Restart to keep using Firefox.

PSA: This is how you write a call to action:

"Vote, and vote for Biden, or you will be living in a fascist dictatorship. Even if you think Biden sucks, not voting for him makes it more likely that Trump will win."

1: action, 2: reason, 3: explanation.

Literally *everybody* who will see your post already agrees that Trump should not be president. But some of them *might* still have stupid ideas about the whole voting thing.

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Didn't realize my wireless plan capped tethering speeds, but now it makes sense. When your phone gets ~10-15 mbps and your tethered computer gets .5 or .6 consistently, you know they're screwing w/ the service you paid for.

Welp, I'm ashamed it took me this long to realize, but changing the TTL on my computer seems to have released the throttling.

A reminder. Religion and traditions are just peer pressure from dead people who maybe have never even existed.

if you know someone who works for Google, remember you’re not obligated to speak to them for the first 30 seconds of a conversation unless they say “Skip”

Another incredibly thoughtful post charting a potential direction for some—let’s say—inconsistent aspects of Rust. Beyond the content, I find the clarity, history, and introspection to be a model for how to articulate and advocate technical direction

@thomasfuchs Watching people rediscover once a year that GitHub is trash is getting to be like watching people regularly rediscover that Uber is trash. "This time they have gone too far!"

OH In fact I would submit that GraphQL exists in the long tradition of open source that Facebook has produced in order to sabotage the rest of the tech ecosystem, including such winners as Cassandra, HBase, Hack, and of course React,

We are proud to announce the latest stable release of OmniOS - r151048.

silicon valley VCs' best ideas of the 2020s:
-put a drone on something
-wrongness generator 3000 (uses more energy than a small nation)
-space pollution
-self-crashing cars
-an app that is actually criminally underpaid workers in another country
-an app that is actually criminally underpaid workers in this country
-vrchat but it cost 20x to make and it fucking sucks

@dexter fun example of never causing problems: a very high end Dell model, despite setting the BMC to its dedicated port, still triggers STP on the main network switch for those two ports.

I rarely use onboard NICs as result. (RIP Sun Fire. Long live @oxidecomputer )

He argued with his brother for days for the biggest pumpkin just to produce this.

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