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Timeouts, timeouts: always wrong!
Some too short and some too long.


this is also why I'm not looking forward to the use of GPT agents to contribute to open-source. I dunno what to do about it yet; probably have people compensate me for the time I spend reviewing their code, whether monetarily or not

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It's been a couple of months since I posted this, so I'll say it again:

Since many Americans who haven't experienced health care in other rich countries seem unable to believe it, I feel a duty to occasionally remind my compatriots that the US heath care system is uniquely inefficient, expensive, and cruel. A much better system is not just possible, it exists in many places and we could have that here.

It's actually bad luck to say MacBook inside an office. You have to call it 'the Scottish Laptop'

To have a viral post on Mastodon is to be confronted with a long series of people asking the exact same question or providing the same “well actually” response, for days, because of the limits of federation. They simply can’t see those other replies. Sometimes they see *no* ofher replies, if they’re on a tiny server.

The experience isn’t great! As with customer service, it can be hard to remember that this isn’t actually the same person over and over again.

lol, a way to bypass the Microsoft account requirement in Windows 11 - type username, any password, and it bumps you to local account creation.

In this week's episode of "GitHub is a social network, not a software engineering platform": One cannot attach a shell script to an issue! This file type is not supported, the site screams, as it thrashes around trying to be taken seriously. Perhaps if you photographed it you could upload it as a JPEG or a PNG!

Me: sometimes I feel like an SSL cert.

Therapist: I am begging you, stop. This isn't hea-

Me: I try to make people feel connected & secure. But I'm hard to deal with, and prone to failing in ways that no one ever understands.

Therapist, quietly: No more tech clients. No more.

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ADHD people should be funded to do their silly daydreamy megaprojects

Imagine what we could build

Me when I hear something weird and I don't know what it means

At todays @fraosug meeting I got to talk about (ab)using :smartos: #SmartOS as a home routing appliance.
There were a lot of fun challenges along the way and thanks to help from within and outside the :illumos: #illumos community plenty of bugs got fixed.


#ipv6 #freifunk

Ah yes, a quarter to one in the morning, the perfect time to write scathing replies to "Hacker" "News" comments from odious morning persons about research that shows kids should not be at school so early.

hello new tech followers . . .

brace for nudes 🫦

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Here's a possibly unpopular #Infosec opinion.

For ordinary non-corporate end users, SSO systems like "Sign in with Google/Microsoft/Facebook" are a bad idea.

Here's the reason. It's possible to get banned from an entire ecosystem based on a perceived infraction on one site, and there have been multiple cases of this happening. When these bans occur they can stop you being able to use that SSO system, locking you out of every account that uses it.

Ordinary end users have very little chance of getting a sensible response from mega-corps when this happens.

The impact of being locked out of all your systems if this happens is high, and possibly a worse outcome than losing an individual credential because of a hack when you're managing your own credentials.

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