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Timeouts, timeouts: always wrong!
Some too short and some too long.

Counterpoint: systemd is bad, and behaves poorly regularly under totally normal conditions, and it makes me mad to have to deal with its bullshit.

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill

The cloud bursts thunder in your ear; you shout and no-one seems to hear.

The enforcement of copyright law is really simple.

If you were a kid who used Napster in the early 2000s to download the latest album by The Offspring or Destiny's Child, because you couldn't afford the CD, then you need to go to court! And potentially face criminal sanctions or punitive damages to the RIAA for each song you download, because you're an evil pirate! You wouldn't steal a car! Creators must be paid!

If you created educational videos on YouTube in the 2010s, and featured a video or audio clip, then even if it's fair use, and even if it's used to make a legitimate point, you're getting demonetised. That's assuming your videos don't disappear or get shadow banned or your account isn't shut entirely. Oh, and good luck finding your way through YouTube's convoluted DMCA process! All creators are equal in deserving pay, but some are more equal than others!

And if you're a corporation with a market capitalisation of US$1.5 trillion (Google/Alphabet) or US$2.3 billion (Microsoft), then you can freely use everyone's intellectual property to train your generative AI bots. Suddenly creators don't deserve to be paid a cent.

Apparently, an individual downloading a single file is like stealing a car. But a trillion-dollar corporation stealing every car is just good business. @technology #technology #tech #economics #copyright #ArtificialIntelligence #capitalism #IntellectualProperty #law #legal #economics

I'm working with the most passive aggressive YAML parser.

parser: Something's wrong with the file
me: Tell me more?
parser: ... you know I just don't like extra properties. You know that about me.
me: Which properties though?
parser: It's just... honestly... I'm just uncomfortable with this whole situation

Ok #mastodon, let’s show our true colors.

Reblog this if you’re a champion of the Oxford comma.

We’re officially friends.

Absolutely in awe of the Go approach of "Well ok we understand that the only way to do name resolution correctly on Linux is to call shit via the C ABI, but what if we just don't do that?" in, when my approach would have been "Eh let's just embed a tiny executable in a const block and exec it every time we need to do a host lookup"

My daughter, who has had a degree in computer science for 25 years, posted this observation about ChatGPT on Facebook. It's the best description I've seen:

Alright! Looks like SmartOS ( @smartosorg ) and Triton ( @triton_dc ) appear to have homes now in Mastodon-land.

#illumos #SmartOS #Triton

The Borg queen on #StarTrek implies the existence of a middle class of Borg, the Borgeoisie


this is also why I'm not looking forward to the use of GPT agents to contribute to open-source. I dunno what to do about it yet; probably have people compensate me for the time I spend reviewing their code, whether monetarily or not

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It's been a couple of months since I posted this, so I'll say it again:

Since many Americans who haven't experienced health care in other rich countries seem unable to believe it, I feel a duty to occasionally remind my compatriots that the US heath care system is uniquely inefficient, expensive, and cruel. A much better system is not just possible, it exists in many places and we could have that here.

It's actually bad luck to say MacBook inside an office. You have to call it 'the Scottish Laptop'

To have a viral post on Mastodon is to be confronted with a long series of people asking the exact same question or providing the same “well actually” response, for days, because of the limits of federation. They simply can’t see those other replies. Sometimes they see *no* ofher replies, if they’re on a tiny server.

The experience isn’t great! As with customer service, it can be hard to remember that this isn’t actually the same person over and over again.

lol, a way to bypass the Microsoft account requirement in Windows 11 - type username, any password, and it bumps you to local account creation.

In this week's episode of "GitHub is a social network, not a software engineering platform": One cannot attach a shell script to an issue! This file type is not supported, the site screams, as it thrashes around trying to be taken seriously. Perhaps if you photographed it you could upload it as a JPEG or a PNG!

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