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Timeouts, timeouts: always wrong!
Some too short and some too long.

Microbiologists are larger than one might expect.

If rail workers do end up engaging in a wildcat or otherwise illegal strike, PLEASE remember that strikes are meant to be disruptive. If you see someone talking about the rail strike and how it's having such a huge impact, say things like "Yeah, it's crazy how much of our economy relies on them. That's why they deserve good health care."

Don't give in to anti-labour rhetoric. Combat false narratives. Solidarity Forever.

I am increasingly of the opinion that it's a mistake to use git for anything other than managing a tree of textual software source files. It's not a network file system, it's not a package manager, it's not a database, it's not an object store. Every time someone uses git instead of one of those things, regret is only just around the corner.

You've heard of "I don't want your fucking app."

Now get ready for "I don't want to join your fucking Discord server just to get basic information that should be on a proper website instead of hidden away in the archives of a fucking chatroom."

Announcement: Macstodon 0.3 is here! 🥳​

Macstodon is a Mastodon client for 68k Macintosh computers! With it, you can post plain-text toots, view your home and local timelines, and view your notifications!

System Requirements:
- A 68020/68030/68040 Macintosh
- System 7.1 through 8.1
- At least 1.5 MB of free memory
- 32-bit addressing enabled
- Internet Config installed
- an SSL-stripping proxy running on another machine

You can download the latest release from GitHub:
(but please read the Read Me, I worked hard on it!)

And with that, I'm going to take a break from this project for a few days! But do let me know if you've successfully used it!

#RetroComputing #RetroProgramming #VintageMac #68K #Apple #Mac #MacOS #ClassicMac

Something I haven't yet seen on Mastodon, and do not miss at all from Twitter, is a constant stream of "people just don't want to work anymore" posts from breathless Thought Leaders trying desperately to get picked up by Forbes or Bloomberg, whinging about how WFH is the reason people aren't prepared for meetings, or whatever asinine anti-labour horsefeathers is in style this week.

Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

“Please add CW for politics” is just “this is a safe space for white people”

RT @saua: @jwz Discord is already a data-grave for many communities: They flock around it and thereby guarantee that nothing they produce can ever be found/used except by others that sign up. We don't need more of those.

Risks to Mastodon with increasing popularity 

Interesting comment on Hackernews regarding a possible scenario/long term risk should Mastodon threaten the corporate sphere of social media.

A little part of me dies every time I have a modicum of excited energy to fix bugs in a crate I had thought I might actually use, only to discover that it is solely hosted in a "pijul" repository.

There's an ugly storm brewing in EU software security legislation that could seriously impact open source software development. Those of you in the EU should read this article and do some lobbying. The goals of the legislation aren't unreasonable, but the conformance-testing burden would totally overwhelm the OSS community. The legislators need to rethink how they approach the burden and responsibility of auditing.

It sure would be lovely if you could be mindful of the rest of the world if you're celebrating the American Day of Corporatocracy this week.

In Australia, "Black Friday" refers to the January 1939 bushfires which were the deadliest on record for decades, and still represent the largest number of homes ever lost to fire in Australia.

To see US corporate interests talk about "Black Friday sales" in Australia is profoundly gross, and to see local businesses adopt the term is deeply saddening.

Reading about scepticism of Rust because of the complex types, and a suggestion that prototyping is where you just want to "fart out" code to get something done.

If you want high velocity effluent and you don't like thinking about types and data first... can't you just make everything a String or an i64, always derive Clone and Copy, use maps instead of structs, unwrap() everywhere? Then you're basically doing what you'd be doing in JavaScript anyway? Probably still pretty fast in many cases!


For people who aren't familiar with how Elon has operated at other companies, this is an example from SpaceX.

It's actually very tame compared to what I've heard privately, but I haven't any public write-ups that really convey the sheer amount of chaos Elon injects into the companies he runs when he turns his attention to them.

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