this is also why I'm not looking forward to the use of GPT agents to contribute to open-source. I dunno what to do about it yet; probably have people compensate me for the time I spend reviewing their code, whether monetarily or not

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@ahl It's truly horrendous. The syntax is clunky. The documentation is not fantastic. I have personally ported a bunch of software that uses cmake and every single use of it is different. It is routinely difficult to even figure out how the list of things to compile is being generated. Each project ends up with a different way to specify a partially overlapping subset of compiler and linker flags. There is no common mechanism for passing particular flags to just one dependency. It stinks!

@jlevon Perhaps you're being accused of ducking their attempts to reach out

It's been a couple of months since I posted this, so I'll say it again:

Since many Americans who haven't experienced health care in other rich countries seem unable to believe it, I feel a duty to occasionally remind my compatriots that the US heath care system is uniquely inefficient, expensive, and cruel. A much better system is not just possible, it exists in many places and we could have that here.

@danderson I mean, when you're done terrorising the human beings you acquired at some point there's nothing left but to try and put the box they came in on eBay.

@danderson In what I can only imagine as a kind of blockbuster heist movie, the last handful of folks trapped inside Mount Samsung were able to escape with the good silverware.

@castironflower @danderson Oh boy, we even had manual pages:

And a protocol specification:

Folks I know are still working on and shipping this stuff at their new home at -- so really there is no excuse for AWS and friends to not have something similar. :P

@danderson At Joyent in Triton we added a facility that allowed the guest to emit outbound metadata (the "mdata-put" command!), which you could then fetch through the regular control plane API. It was pretty simple to push any public key material out and collect it in your provisioning controller. I used it to arrange SSH key authentication that guests could use to phone in for configuration files and so on.

Definitely one of the things I miss when I use literally any other cloud.

@thomholwerda Yes. Interactive performance (generally strongly associated with single thread performance) will likely be astonishingly poor. Especially if you have anything that wants to use floating point.

It's actually bad luck to say MacBook inside an office. You have to call it 'the Scottish Laptop'

To have a viral post on Mastodon is to be confronted with a long series of people asking the exact same question or providing the same “well actually” response, for days, because of the limits of federation. They simply can’t see those other replies. Sometimes they see *no* ofher replies, if they’re on a tiny server.

The experience isn’t great! As with customer service, it can be hard to remember that this isn’t actually the same person over and over again.

lol, a way to bypass the Microsoft account requirement in Windows 11 - type username, any password, and it bumps you to local account creation.

In this week's episode of "GitHub is a social network, not a software engineering platform": One cannot attach a shell script to an issue! This file type is not supported, the site screams, as it thrashes around trying to be taken seriously. Perhaps if you photographed it you could upload it as a JPEG or a PNG!

Me: sometimes I feel like an SSL cert.

Therapist: I am begging you, stop. This isn't hea-

Me: I try to make people feel connected & secure. But I'm hard to deal with, and prone to failing in ways that no one ever understands.

Therapist, quietly: No more tech clients. No more.

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@cks @jef @lemay You have to be careful saying things out loud though, about wanting to be able to search and about how it might be achieved, or angry people descend upon you.

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