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Me: sometimes I feel like an SSL cert.

Therapist: I am begging you, stop. This isn't hea-

Me: I try to make people feel connected & secure. But I'm hard to deal with, and prone to failing in ways that no one ever understands.

Therapist, quietly: No more tech clients. No more.

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ADHD people should be funded to do their silly daydreamy megaprojects

Imagine what we could build

At todays @fraosug meeting I got to talk about (ab)using :smartos: #SmartOS as a home routing appliance.
There were a lot of fun challenges along the way and thanks to help from within and outside the :illumos: #illumos community plenty of bugs got fixed.


#ipv6 #freifunk

Ah yes, a quarter to one in the morning, the perfect time to write scathing replies to "Hacker" "News" comments from odious morning persons about research that shows kids should not be at school so early.

Here's a possibly unpopular #Infosec opinion.

For ordinary non-corporate end users, SSO systems like "Sign in with Google/Microsoft/Facebook" are a bad idea.

Here's the reason. It's possible to get banned from an entire ecosystem based on a perceived infraction on one site, and there have been multiple cases of this happening. When these bans occur they can stop you being able to use that SSO system, locking you out of every account that uses it.

Ordinary end users have very little chance of getting a sensible response from mega-corps when this happens.

The impact of being locked out of all your systems if this happens is high, and possibly a worse outcome than losing an individual credential because of a hack when you're managing your own credentials.

TIL #illumos has `connstat' which covers all you simple check ports requirements


Here's the clearest example I've seen yet of how the powerful create clean air for themselves, and it is denied to others - including children.

To recap:
Aug 25, 2022 - Biden event pictured below
Sep 18, 2022 - Biden says "the pandemic is over"

Nothing changed in a few weeks.


More children were shot dead at school in 2022 than opted for and received gender affirming hospital care. Reminding right-wing transphobes of that fact is important; if “protecting children” was their actual goal, they’d be more loudly in favor of gun reforms than they are in their transphobia.

The reason they aren’t is simple — this was never about “protecting children.” It’s all about torturing transgender people.

“blameless doesn’t mean not naming people in incident review, it means making it psychologically safe to name people”
- Nora Jones at #LFIconf

One of the things I really value about @oxidecomputer is that they explicitly use the term “on-premises”, rather than the absolutely inane-but-pervasive phrase “on-premise”, which is NOT A WORD.

"Talking to AI Might Be the Most Important Skill of This Century" may be the most idiotic thing I've seen this year.


Proof of concept of an opt-in global Mastodon search. Tootfinder indexes recent toots of all user that want to get indexed. If you are not interested, just do not join the index.The feeds are indexed in a SQLite database and deleted after 7 days.

Leaked footage from inside Twitter’s API server cluster earlier this morning:

I feel super bad for Twitter’s engineer today

I confess myself a bit baffled by people who act like "how to interact with ChatGPT" is a useful classroom skill. It's not a word processor or a spreadsheet; it doesn't have documented, well-defined, reproducible behaviors. No, it's not remotely analogous to a calculator. Calculators are built to be *right*, not to sound convincing. It's a bullshit fountain. Stop acting like you're a waterbender making emotive shapes by expressing your will in the medium of liquid bullshit. The lesson one needs about a bullshit fountain is *not to swim in it*.

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